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As a successful student, an athlete or a career-minded individual, one of the most important investments you can make is securing a website domain that includes your name.

It’s no secret that the internet is the foundation of business, connecting individuals and companies, as well as helping establish your personal and professional brand and identity.

While many talented individuals, student athletes and young adults have Facebook, Instagram and other online accounts, many do NOT take the time to secure a website domain that contains their name.

Since each website domain is unique, the ability to control your “namesake domain” and reserve it exclusively for you is an important step for your future endeavors and adult life.

As parents of student athletes, high school graduates and young professionals, we’ve personally observed hundreds of graduates and individuals who are motivated and achieving success in their young careers. Owning your website domain is an important piece of your future puzzle.

By Securing Your Domain with Ground Flohr Marketing, you can:

  • Develop a Website, Personal Blog or Create a Business
  • Post A Personal Profile, Your Resume and Your List of Personal, Professional and Athletic Achievements
  • Create An Online Portfolio of Photos, Videos, and Descriptions of Previous Successes
  • Allow People to Follow You and Your Life, Career Path, Etc.
  • Establish Your Identity and Develop your “Brand and Image”

To learn more, you can contact us at 717-875-1633 to initiate this process. Keep in mind, there is only ONE .com web domain available containing your exact first and last name and I will help you research its availability and secure it for you, and secure your ownership of it for a lifetime.