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Chris Flohr, President

Over 25 YEARS of Strategic Sales, Print Marketing, Graphic Design and Web Development Experience

  • Concept Development and Project Management
  • Marketing Consultations and Written Recommendations
  • New Business Development Strategies
  • Website Design and Development
  • Graphic Design, Printing and Mailing Specialists
  • Data Research and Mailing List Acquisition
  • Content and Copy Writing and Company/Corporate Profiles
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Sales and Marketing Concepts and Strategies

  • Branding, Rebranding, Concept Development
  • Creation, Management and Implementation of Sales, Marketing and Communication Materials
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Print Marketing and Printing Capabilities

  • Postcards including Direct Mail, Rack Cards and Print Handouts
  • Corporate, Retail, Informational and Product Brochures
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Automated Mailing and Every Door Direct Mail [EDDM]

  • Direct Mail Campaigns and Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) Expertise
  • Automated Mailing, Barcoding, Mail Sortation and Cost-Saving Postage Strategies
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  • The first floor of a building, most nearly on a level with the ground
  • A favorable position or privileged opportunity, usually obtained by early participants, used especially in the phrase “getting in on the ground floor”
  • Becoming part of an enterprise in its early stages

Every day there are successful and motivated individuals, new and growing business owners, energetic sales executives, managers, millionaires and entrepreneurs who believe they’re only on the ground floor, that their journey is just beginning.

They are ready to grow, to learn something new, to explore fresh ideas, to take another risk, or to just make a small commitment to being better than they were yesterday. No one takes the next step in their personal life, professional career or start-up business by looking down, by being negative or believing they’ll fail. They always begin by looking up, by being positive and optimistic and believing they can achieve a higher level of success!

At Ground Flohr Marketing, we take these principles to heart. Every day is a new beginning. We get out of bed, we are thankful and count our blessings, we put our feet on the ground and take a step to begin our day.



Jul 01, 2022

As consumer retail and the professional services industries continue to evolve heading into the second half of 2022, I’m noticing that the role of direct mail marketing is shifting again as well. Several economic conditions and seismic changes have occurred over the last two years that have altered business and consumer buying habits and in...

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Jun 01, 2022

I’ve learned over the years that there is a universal relationship between prospective customers and the companies they are interested in hiring to complete a specific project. The relationship stretches across many industries and focuses on the comprehensive price of goods and services, in relation to a prospective customer’s perception of time value versus project...

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